Photo from Scott Campaign

Governor Rick Scott has an agenda he wants to pass if he wins the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Bill Nelson. Calling it his “Make Washington Work” agenda, Scott unveiled the 10-point plan in Panama City Sunday.¬†Gov. Scott and First Lady Ann Scott were joined by a room full of supporters at Captain Anderson’s restaurant on first-stop of a bus tour promoting his tour around Florida.

Scott and Nelson are locked in a tight campaign. A Gravis Marketing poll released last week showed the race was deadlocked at 47% each.

Scott is embracing an agenda particularly appealing to conservative voters.

The ten-point plan includes:

  • Term limits for members of the U.S. House and Senate;
  • Full-time work in Congress for a full-time salary;
  • 10-year prohibition before former members of Congress cab become a paid lobbyist;
  • End Congressional pay raises and pensions;
  • Stop insurance subsidies for members of Congress;
  • Two-thirds super majority vote by House and Senate before any tax or fee increases;
  • No pay for members of Congress when a federal budget isn’t approved;
  • Line item veto, giving the President the right to strike individual items from the budget;
  • End government waste;
  • Increase government transparency by reforming Congressional Budget Office when analyzing legislation.

“The folks in Washington won’t like this plan,” said Scott in a statement. “They will say these ideas are not possible and that some have been tried before and failed. But I don’t buy that. This plan will remind politicians that we don’t work for them, they work for us.”

Scott will continue his bus tour Monday in Jacksonville.