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Governor Rick Scott today added to comments he made over the weekend saying he opposes separating the children of adults trying to illegally enter the United States.

In a statement issued to the Tampa Bay Times, Scott said, “Let me be clear – I do not favor separating families. Washington is to blame for this by being all talk and no action, and the solution is to secure the border. Anyone seeking to enter our country illegally needs to be sent back, with the exception of those who are truly seeking asylum from an oppressive regime.”

These are the most substantive comments by Governor Scott after the federal government has spent the past six weeks removing nearly 2,000 children from their parents as they attempted to illegally cross the border.

While Governor Scott blames Congressional inaction for failing to secure the United States border with Mexico, this statement puts him in conflict with President Trump, who ordered the zero-tolerance policy. President Trump doubled down on his policy Monday morning placing blame squarely on the shoulders of Democrats.