Governor Scott with Hispanic leaders in Orlando
From Scott Campaign

Governor Rick Scott’s frequent trips to Puerto Rico to assist with hurricane clean-up efforts are starting to payoff politically. Attending a campaign event Wednesday in Orlando, several Hispanic community leaders, including Democrats, announced their support for Scott’s campaign for the United States Senate.

“I appreciate the support of the many Hispanic community leaders who joined our event in Central Florida today, and I look forward to continuing to work together to bring Florida’s success to Washington,” said Governor Scott. “Florida has fought to turn around our economy and make sure there are opportunities for everyone in our state. My goal is to make sure Florida is the most welcoming state for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.”

Among those announcing their support of Governor Scott’s campaign is radio talk show host William Diaz, who’s also founder of Casa de Venezuela Orlando. “As a native of Venezuela, issues impacting Venezuela are very important to me, and I appreciate Governor Scott continually taking a firm stance against oppressive regimes and fighting for measures that support freedom and liberty,” said Diaz. “As a registered Democrat, I have voted for Bill Nelson in the past. But as a proud U.S. citizen, I am voting for Governor Scott – who has shown what it means to stand up for what is right and take action, while those in Washington continue to drag their feet.”

Governor Scott has made a handful of trips to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation in 2017. There are at least one million Puerto Ricans living in Florida – with the largest population living in the Orlando area. They are an influential voting block in the Sunshine State.

“As a community leader and business owner, I have seen firsthand the outstanding work Governor Scott has done to assist Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane, and his genuine willingness to do anything in his power to help,” said Karen Diaz, a small business owner in Orlando. “Politicians should not be able to remain in office for a lifetime. They are elected to SERVE the community – not to be served like we have seen career politicians do time and time again. Governor Scott has demonstrated he is a leader who truly cares about this community, and he has my full support.”