Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum
file photo

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, Democratic candidate for Governor, failed to disclose more than $400,000 in mortgage debts even though the law requires him to reveal those debts. His failed disclosure goes back to 2014. Politico Florida first reported Gillum’s lack of financial declaration. His campaign called it a “mistake.”

Gillum is already under extreme scrutiny because of his close ties with a lobbyist who is at the center of an FBI investigation into alleged pay-for-play allegations gripping the City of Tallahassee. Last week, the FBI ordered disclosure of tens of thousands of pages of documents detailing, among other things, Gillum’s cozy relationship with lobbyist Adam Corey. The Tallahassee Democrat recently reported Gillum and his wife vacationed with lobbyists and other friends at a posh $1,400 a night resort in Costa Rica. Gillum claims to have paid cash to reimburse his portion of the week-long trip.