Gorillas of San Diego’s Zoo Safari Park are positive


(PTI) San Diego, Ta. 13

Several gorillas have tested positive for the corona at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in the United States. This has happened for the first time in America and around the world.

According to the park’s executive director Lisa Peterson, the eight gorillas living together are likely to be corona. While some others are facing the problem of gorilla phlegm.

According to sources, a member of the park’s wildlife team had recently contracted a corona and it is suspected that this turned the gorilla corona positive.

However, the park has been closed since December 3 following a lockdown in California to control Corona. Veterinarians are closely monitoring the health of the gorillas. Currently they are being given only vitamins, liquids and food. He is not receiving any special treatment for corona.

However the spread of corona in gorillas has raised concern among wildlife experts. Another concern is that the number of gorillas that become corona has declined dramatically over the years. Their numbers have fallen by 30 per cent in the last two decades. On January 5, the gorillas had a cough and tested their corona.

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