Global Superfoods Market Insight and Forecast from 2020 to 2027

Raw food and paleo diets are trendy diets that emphasize the health benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits and are particularly appealing to the younger segment of the population. However, as a result of health concerns, these healthy eating habits are more prevalent among the elderly. Grains and seeds are expected to grow at the fastest rate of XX percent during the forecast period. North America accounted for XX percent of total market revenue in 2019 and is expected to grow during the forecast period due to the increasing popularity of products with a high nutritional content and low calorie count. Additionally, extensive research and development activities, as well as the introduction of new monitoring technologies, are expected to fuel the market for superfoods in this developed region.

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Superfoods Market Insight

Additionally, Europe accounts for a sizable portion of the global market for superfoods. Western Europe is defined by mature, highly concentrated systems. These systems benefit from favorable climatic conditions, abundant natural resources, the advent of modern technology, highly educated farmers, and a cooperative-dominated distribution channel. Western Europe’s optimized farming practices and efficient infrastructure enable it to lead the world in yields for key crops and to play a leading role in the production and export of a variety of agricultural and livestock products; for example, France (wheat and corn), the Netherlands (vegetables), and Iberia (livestock) (fruits and vegetables).

Increasing healthcare costs, an aging population, food innovation, changing lifestyles, and medical discoveries have all benefited demand for superfoods and, as a result, market growth. Demand for natural, nutrient-dense foods high in vitamins and essential minerals is boosting the market for superfoods even more. Concerns about obesity and overall health in the United States also contribute to the market’s growth.


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