Give another dose of vaccine 21 days apart or 12 weeks apart? Discussion in Britain

London, Ta. Saturday is 23 January 2021

Controversy has begun between senior government doctors and companies to give Pfizer-Bioentech and a second dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona vaccine, which are currently widely available in the UK.

A second dose of the corona vaccine was initially recommended within 21 days, but UK government scientists have insisted on a second dose of the corona vaccine two weeks later. They are suggesting that as many people as possible get the first dose.

The government’s Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization claimed that unpublished data showed that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was effective even after a 12-week hiatus.

But American pharma company Pfizer said it had examined the vaccine’s effectiveness based on the dose given for 21 days. He expressed doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness after such a long interval.

The World Health Organization recommends a four-week interval between two doses of the corona vaccine, which can be extended up to a maximum of six weeks in unusual circumstances. The controversy began when 5.4 million people were currently vaccinated in the UK. Johnson said that one in ten people in England were given their first dose of the vaccine.

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