For the first time in 67 years, a woman will be sentenced to death in the United States

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Washington, Ta. 13 January 2020, Wednesday

A woman has been sentenced to death for crimes against humanity in America. For the first time in nearly 67 years in the United States, a court imposed a final stay on the execution of a female prisoner who was to be executed on 12 January. The court said that the woman’s mental state needs to be determined. The woman committed a very cruel or murderous crime and after this the court sentenced her to death.

What is the woman accused of
Lisa Montgomery, a resident of Kansas, USA, strangled a pregnant woman to death. Subsequently, she cut the victim’s uterus with a knife and ran away with the unborn child. Lisa Montgomery arrived in Skidmore Town, Missouri, on December 16, 2004, 270 kilometers from her farmhouse in Kansas. Then, 23-year-old dog pet Bobby, who met Stinnett and said he wanted to buy a puppy. Defender Lisa Montgomery then strangled Bobby Joe Stinnett with a rope. Subsequently, he cut the stent’s abdomen with a knife, took out the unborn child and fled.

The next day the police made an arrest
According to media reports, the police arrested Lisa Montgomery the very next day of the incident and rescued the unborn child. Her arrest led to a lengthy trial, and the court sentenced her to death in 2007, describing the woman’s crime as heinous.

16 year old girl who had an abortion
Lisa Montgomery is the name of a girl who was stolen from the womb from Victoria, and is now 16 years old. The last time a female prisoner was sentenced to death in the United States was 67 years ago.

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