Family accuses Saudi female activist Luzaine of six years in prison

– Reforms made to allow women to drive cars

Dubai ta Tuesday 29 December 2020

Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist Luizain al-Hatluk was sentenced to six years in prison on Monday under the anti-terrorism law enacted last week.

Lugein is widely accused of campaigning for women’s rights, allowing women to drive cars, and making Saudi Arabia a laughingstock in the world. He was first arrested in 2018. He has been in jail ever since.

He was recently produced in an anti-terrorism court. Many false allegations were made against him in this court such as running a foreign agenda, agitating for change, using the Internet in a way that harms public order, etc. Luzain was laughing.

However, her family alleges that Luzen was instigated and given electric shocks in the same way that the hate crime victim was beaten. Since Luzen was jailed in 2018, the US Congress and European countries repeatedly called for his release, but Saudi Arabia did not listen.

Luzain also fought fiercely against the rights of slave women to Saudi men. State media claimed that the country’s counter-terrorism court convicted and sentenced Luzain to more than one offense.

Meanwhile, during a BBC interview with Luzen’s family, he alleged that Luzen was not even allowed to talk to relatives for three months when he was first detained. Lujan was considered a habitual criminal. He was subjected to electric shocks and tormented. He was also sexually abused. The officials however denied all the allegations.

The court gave Lujin thirty days to challenge the verdict. Assuming he had been in prison since 2018, the court now announced that he was serving a three-year prison sentence.

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