Facebook blocked Trump’s account indefinitely

Washington, D.V.

Top social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were immediately barred from Donald Trump’s account as his supporters attacked the US parliament during the final constitutional process of electing Democrat leader Joe Biden as president.

Facebook banned President Donald Trump’s account for three hours late Wednesday after Trump supporters attacked the US Congress. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that since President Donald Trump used our platform to incite violence against a democratically elected government, we imposed an eight-hour ban on Wednesday, now with immediate effect We stop indefinitely. We believe that allowing the President to use our services during the President’s transfer of power is extremely dangerous for the democracy of the country.

On the other hand, Twitter also suspended President Trump’s account for 12 hours. In addition, a video and three tweets of Trump addressing his supporters were blocked by social media platforms. “We requested three tweets and videos of Trump to be removed,” Twitter said. Trump’s account would be blocked for 12 hours and if these tweets were not canceled, the ban could be extended. If Trump supporters incite him to violence, his account could be permanently canceled. Instagram has also announced that it will block Trump’s account until the power transfer takes place on 20 January.

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