EMI Shielding Materials Market to Reach US$ 9,600 Mn by 2026

Global EMI shielding materials market was valued at around US$ 5,400 Mn in 2017. EMI Shielding Materials Market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of over 6% from 2018 to 2026.

EMI Shielding Materials Market: Increased Demand for Shielding to Drive Growth 

The EMI shielding materials market is expected to register robust growth in the near future, thanks to a rising demand for shielding in a wide range of industries. EMI shielding materials are important for protecting the interaction between human beings and electronic devices in a wide variety of ways. The growth of smartphones, GPSs, and drones are expected to increase electromagnetic resonance and radiation in the near future. This can cause widespread environmental damage by blocking signals through which birds communicate. Additionally, for human beings, the electromagnetic radiation and signaling can cause a wide variety of illnesses and disturbances in commercial activity.

For example, in the medical fields, MRI scans often require the EMI shielding materials to provide an accurate scan. The shielding is vital for eliminating the electromagnetic fields, radio waves, and electrostatic fields. Additionally, wide range of materials like paints, metals, conducive coatings, and laminates are expected to enhance and widen application of EMI shielding materials. The widespread availability of smartphones, growing digitalization in various industries, and trends such as automation, which rely on various sensitive sensors are expected to result in significant growth for the EMI shielding materials market.

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Telecommunication Industry to Drive Significant Growth 

The worldwide expanding telecommunication industry is expected to register significant demand for the EMI shielding materials market in the near future. The industry is growing tremendously, thanks to growing adoption of smartphones world over. Additionally, the falling prices of Android devices, and cost-effective handsets are expected to boost adoption further. Moreover, global players in the telecommunication industry rely on wires, cables, communication towers, server rooms, and electric equipment to transmit and receive signals. These materials and towers require an extensive amount of shielding materials to provide quality data transfers to and from consumers. The rising network of telecommunication worldwide and advent of technologies like 5G are expected to boost the EMI shielding materials market in the near future. The telecommunication industry has risen significantly in the last few years. Moreover, it is expected to do so, in the near future, thanks to growing advancements in materials and digitalization.

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Conductive Coatings Segment to Dominate EMI Shielding Materials Market 

The EMI shielding materials market is divided into metals, conductive coatings, conductive plastics, and laminates based on materials. Among these, the conductive coatings are expected to register the highest demand. Various types of coatings like acrylic can be useful for providing electrical condusivisity as well as shielding. These provide an advantage while being used on plastics, as they provide anti-static protection, and EMI shielding. These shielding and additional coatings also provide abrasion resistance for surfaces. Moreover, they are highly useful in applications wherein external RF needs to be excluded for exceptional shielding enclosure. These also help attenuate internal radiation emission. Due to widespread application, ability to use individually and in combination, the conductive coatings are expected to dominate growth in the EMI shielding materials market. After conductive coatings, the metal segment is expected to witness the largest traction in the near future. 

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Asia Pacific and Defense to Drive the EMI Shielding Materials Market 

The growth in telecommunications in the EMI shielding materials market is followed by growth in the defense sector. Defense sector deploys a wide range of applications like Satellites which require a high-use of EMI shielding materials. Additionally, due to growing unstability in certain parts of the world, the EMI shielding materials market is expected to see a rise in the use of satellites among others.

Additionally, large manufacturing of electronics in Asia Pacific is expected to drive growth for the market. Countries like Vietnam, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Malaysia are witnessing a robust growth, thanks to electronics manufacturing. Additionally, these products are exported to other countries, bringing in lucrative revenues. Hence, the growth in manufacturing and revenues is likely to result in EMI shielding materials market in the near future.

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