Egypt has the facility of snake massage, 28 snakes are released on the body.

– Snake massage claims to relieve muscle and joint pain

Egypt, Ta. 2 January 2021 is Saturday

To relieve fatigue and pain, people apply oil, cream or many kinds of herbs for peace of mind. But have you ever heard of snake massage. You might be surprised to hear if there is any such massage? Who can dare to get hemorrhoids with a snake? So the answer is yes, it is absolutely true.

A spa center inside Egypt offers people a snake massage. It is claimed that this massage gives great relief to the body and relieves all types of pain. The spa center is located in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The spa also has a snake massage option within the neck type massage options. Non-venomous snakes are used during snake massage.

During snake massage, live snakes are released on people’s backs and faces. This massage provides relief from pain in the body of people. Oil is applied to the wearer’s back and 28 types of snakes, including pythons, are released later. The spa owner says that snake massage relieves muscle and joint pain and also increases blood circulation in the body.

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