Donald Trump will leave America before Biden is sworn in as President!

– There is speculation that Donald Trump will live in Scotland

Washington, Ta. 5 January 2021, Tuesday

Donald Trump has lost the US presidential election and Joe Biden has won. However, current President Trump is ready to accept it. He has repeatedly claimed that he has not given up. They are also challenging the election results. However, amid all this, there is speculation that Donald Trump may now leave the US and move to another country.

The debate in the United States is that Trump will leave the United States before Biden is sworn in as President on 20 January 2021. The US military aircraft used by Donald Trump is scheduled to land in Scotland on 19 January. Speculation of Trump’s departure has gained momentum since the news broke. Donald Trump’s golf resort is located inside Scotland.

Scotland Prestwick Airport has been informed that the US Army Boeing 757 will land on 19 January. Trump has used this US military passenger plane several times. Because of which this discussion has gained momentum. It is now said in the US that Trump will announce his candidacy in 2024, the same day Biden takes oath.

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