Donald Trump extends visa policy for immigrant workers, adversely affecting thousands

– Announcement to continue this policy till March 2021

Washington Friday, January 1, 2020

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has announced that he will extend his policy of banning H-1B visas for immigrant workers, as well as other visas, by March 2021 in the name of the so-called interests of American workers.

Making this announcement on Thursday, Donald Trump said that Corona had adversely affected the labor market and the health of the American people. In those circumstances, it was the responsibility of the US government to ensure that young Americans could find adequate employment. That is why the visa policy was being extended till March 2021.

He said that it is true that the Corona vaccine had become available, but that the corona had not yet fully impacted the labor market and community health of the American people, so the visa policy had to be pushed forward.

There is no denying that Trump’s decision could have an adverse effect on thousands of Indian IT professionals and Indian companies besides the US. Trump announced various visa restrictions on April 22, 2020 and again on June 22, 2020. The order was to be revoked automatically on 31 December. Before being repealed, Trump slammed thousands of IT professionals by announcing on March 31 that the policy would be extended to March 2021.

Trump said that the circumstances under which the visa policy was changed are still standing, not destroyed. The goal was to ensure that young Americans had enough work and that they would not face economic constraints in the coming years.

The H1B visa is a visa for immigrant workers. It allows Indian as well as Indian companies to hire specialist youth from other countries in the US. Indian and Chinese IT professionals were getting the opportunity to earn by working in this way, especially in the US.

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