Disaster is coming from the sky on Earth, NASA issued alert

New Delhi date 01 January 2021, Friday

NASA has warned that a massive 220-meter asteroid is coming to Earth early in the new year. The last asteroid 2020 YB4 of the year 2020 was only 36 meters in diameter. The asteroid passed 6.1 million km away from Earth shortly after UTC at 6 am.

After the year 2020, on the first day of New Year 2021, 3 more Earth objects (NEO) will make their presence near the Earth. The 15-meter asteroid 2019 YB4 will pass through a safe distance of 6.4 million km from Earth. While the other 2 Near Earth Objects (NEO) 15 m 2020 YA1 and 21 m 2020 YP4 will also pass the next day at a distance of 1.5 and 2.1 km respectively.

Until these three NEOs pass, a large asteroid will hit the Earth. The asteroid will hit the Earth on 3 January. At 220 meters in diameter, this asteroid is as wide as the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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