In a big boost from an ever increasing voting bloc in Florida, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis received endorsements from 36 elected leaders in Puerto Rico, including the country’s Congresswoman, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House. 

The announcement was made Saturday during an event with State Representative Bob Cortes and leaders from the Central Florida Puerto Rican community. 

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of so many leaders from Puerto Rico. I have always stood with the Puerto Rican community, both on the island and here in Florida,” DeSantis said. “As Governor, I will work every day to ensure we help the island fully recover and create more opportunities for those living in Florida to succeed.”

The entire list of endorsements includes:

Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez Colon
Puerto Rico Lieutenant Governor Luis Rivera Marin
Puerto Rico House of Representatives and the Republican Speaker Johnny Mendez
Representative Jose Aponte Hernandez
Representative Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez
Representative José ‘Quiquito’ Melendéz Ortiz
Representative José ‘Pichy’ Torres Zamora
Representative Lourdes Ramos Rivera
Representative María Milagros Charbonier
Representative Néstor Alonso Vega
Representative Eddie Charbonier Chinea
Representative Juan Oscar Morales
Representative Víctor Parés Otero
Representative Jorge ‘Georgie’ Navarro Suárez
Representative Yashira Lebrón Rodríguez
Representative Nelson Del Valle Colón
Representative Pedro Julio ‘Pelle’ Santiago Guzmán
Representative Antonio ‘Tony’ Soto Torres
Representative Guillermo Miranda Rivera
Representative Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló
Representative José ‘Memo’ González Mercado
Representative Michael Abid Quiñones Irizarry
Representative Rafael ‘June’ Rivera Ortega
Representative Joel Franqui Atiles
Representative Víctor Torres González
Representative Urayoán Hernández Alvarado
Representative Luis ‘Junior’ Peréz Ortiz
Representative Ángel Bulerín Ramos
Representative Félix Lasalle Toro
Representative Jackeline ‘Jackie’ Rodríguez Hernández
Representative José Banchs Alemán
Representative Reinaldo ‘Rey’ Vargas
Representative Elect Wilson Roman
Bayamon Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera Jr.
Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez
Arecibo Mayor Carlos Molina