This ad should come as no surprise – Congressman Ron DeSantis is up with a new television ad that features his appearance in Tampa with President Donald Trump. It’s the third ad from DeSantis’ campaign with all three have focused on President Trump’s endorsement. This one is different for two reasons – it features DeSantis sharing a stage with the President and it outlines policy positions, though they remain broad on specifics.

In the commercial which begins airing statewide Tuesday, DeSantis discusses:

  • Economic opportunity for Floridians through conservative leadership.
  • Getting the Constitution back into Florida classrooms.
  • Fighting illegal immigration in our state by implementing E-verify and stopping sanctuary cites.

Of the issues mentioned by DeSantis in the commercial, only illegal immigration has been a top concern among Florida Republicans in recent polling.

The race for governor has essentially become a statewide referendum on President Trump. National issues have dominated the Republican primary, with DeSantis setting the overall tone. Most of the 5 Democrats running have tried to position themselves as the candidate who will take-on Trump. One Democrat is calling for impeachment – though that process takes place in the House of Representatives and not the statehouses across America.

DeSantis, with a comfortable lead in all of the recent surveys, has taken a positive tone in his campaign commercials. His opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has gone negative in an attempt to close the gap with just three weeks before primary election day.