Democratic Party gave Vice President Mike Pence a 24-hour ultimatum to remove Trump from office

Washington, Ta. 11 January 2021, Monday

The US has demanded the removal of President Donald Trump following the violence on Capitol Hill. With just a few days left for Trump’s term, plans are to remove him. The Democratic Party has also given Vice President Mike Pence a 24-hour ultimatum. In this regard, the Democratic Party plans to approve a resolution in the House of Representatives on Monday.

The Democratic Party’s proposal calls on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. Trump has also been asked to be declared incompetent in office and in his duties.

The Democratic Party says it will present a impeachment motion on Tuesday 6 January against President Trump by his supporters to incite violence in the Capitol building. “The first phase of our plan is for President Trump’s resignation,” he said. But this has not happened, that is why the impeachment motion will now be introduced.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to Democrats on Sunday, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to call for a cabinet meeting to use the 25th constitutional amendment to present a resolution on Monday. The rate of this meeting is to declare Trump unable to fulfill his address responsibilities.

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