COVID-19 is not the deadliest pandemic, more deadly virus can kill the world: WHO

Geneva, Saturday 2 January 2020

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the corona virus pandemic is not the most devastating, and even more deadly, virus that can take over the world, Drs. Mike Ryan says the epidemic has awakened the world, with the Corona virus killing more than 1.8 million people worldwide.

Dr. “The epidemic is very serious and has affected every corner of the world, but it is not the biggest epidemic. We need to stay awake. We have learned that science, logistics, training and how. Can be improved, how Telecom can be improved, but our planet is fragile, he said, “We live in a complex global society, and threats will keep coming, we have to learn something from natural disasters, and work together. We have to We should honor those whom we have lost by doing good.

Although the vaccine has arrived in the United States and Europe, Ryan also noted that the virus was likely to remain a part of our lives, adding that it would be a dangerous virus but that its risk would gradually decrease, it noted. It remains to be known whether the vaccine will be used. To the extent that it can be eliminated, even if it is very effective, there is no guarantee that it will completely eradicate the virus and the disease caused by it, before those vaccinated were more at risk.

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