Corona infection spreads to living Antarctica, leaving no place without virus

– 36 people infected with corona at a Chilean research center in Antarctica

Antarctica, Ta. 22 December 2020, Tuesday

It has been a year since the corona virus has spread worldwide. The virus, which spreads from China, has re-emerged worldwide within a year. The virus terrorized the world. The virus has produced scenes that the world has never seen before. Millions of people worldwide have lost their lives because of the Quran. Until some time ago, some of the last countries in the world who did not have much contact with the world survived the infection of the corona virus, but now there is not a single part of the world where the corona virus has not reached.

The Antarctica continent in the southern part of the world survived the corona virus. The corona virus has now reached there as well. Twenty-six people from a Chilean research center in Antarctica have been infected with the corona virus. On Monday, reports of these people in Corona came out positive. Of these 26 are in the army and 10 are in maintenance. The Chilean army said it had withdrawn all Coro-positive troops.

Antarctica previously banned travel for tourists. Which prevents corona infection from spreading there. It is believed that some cargo arrived in Antarctica from Chile on 27 November, accompanied by the corona virus. It is noteworthy that research centers of many countries are located in Antarctica.

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