Controversy over cancellation of fake ID of 2 lakh Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Islamabad, Sunday 3 January 2021

Pakistan on Sunday revoked around 2 lakh computerized identity cards in a major crackdown on Afghan refugees, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Saturday, “We have figures of 1.5 million Afghan refugees, who have legal status, and the country. I have about 8. ” , 00,000 lakhs have settled here illegally, out of which the identity cards of 2 lakh refugees have been revoked.

Home Minister Ahmed said that the government is providing online visa facility to citizens of 192 countries to curb corruption in issuing visas, we said that we have started online visa service to eliminate the risk of corruption, because visa There is a risk of corruption in manual processing. is.

He said that more than 200,000 online visa applications were received in a single day, while Rashid said that those targeting the armed forces were doing so at the behest of foreigners, and those who made anti-military remarks were asked to spend 72 hours Will be prosecuted within. That we will defeat such corruption in our country and against government institutions.

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