Computer programmers may also be granted H1-B visas: US Court

Washington, Ta. December 20, 2020 is a Sunday

The recent ruling by the US Federal Court of Appeals, also known as the Ninth Circle, was a major relief for IT companies that promote H-1B visas for their computer programmers.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) revoked the status of a former computer programmer as a special ‘specialized occupation’ in 2017, leaving many programmers eligible for H-1B visas. The procedure now adopted by USCIC has been declared inappropriate by the Appellate Court.

The case relates to Innova Solutions in which he wanted to appoint an Indian citizen as a computer programmer and for which he moved to federal court after rejecting H1N1’s application.

Under current technology, any US company seeking to sponsor the H1N1-B program from outside the United States must prove that the job requires a high degree of expertise and theoretical knowledge.

The computer program was a special designation, after failing to prove that he was denied an H-1B visa at Innova Solutions. USCIS reported that most computer programmers only have bachelor’s degrees, as shown in the Department of Labor’s vocational book.

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