A new CNN poll released Thursday shows Democrat Andrew Gillum is losing momentum in the race for governor. The survey conducted by independent pollster SSRS shows Gillum has lost 5 percent support in the past week, while Republican Ron DeSantis has picked up 6 percent support. That dynamic shift now has the race virtually tied, with Gillum leading 49 percent to 48 percent among likely voters.

Why the dramatic shift in the race? It could be a sign that new revelations regarding Gillum accepting free gifts from an undercover FBI agent could be resonating with voters. Besides news stories covering the latest revelations, DeSantis and Republicans have made the allegations the centerpiece of their case against Gillum. 

Recent public polls in the race for governor have shown Gillum with a lead as large as high single digits to a virtual tie with DeSantis. A poll released Wednesday showed DeSantis with a single digit lead. 

Gillum’s events have drawn large crowds throughout Florida. DeSantis appeared with President Trump during a Wednesday night rally in front of 8,000 people in Fort Myers.

The new CNN poll shows DeSantis has a slight lead in no party registration voters. 

In the Senate race, incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson leads Republican Governor Rick Scott 49 percent to 47 percent among likely voters. In the same poll conducted last week Nelson had a 5 point lead. 

The SSRS poll allowed voters to self identify the political party they belong to and the results were an electorate that will not been seen in this 2018 election – 28 percent Democrats, 27 percent Republicans and 45 percent independent or a smaller third party. 

Nearly four million Floridians have already voted ahead of Tuesday’s general election. Republicans hold a 1.7 percent advantage over Democrats. No party voters are underperforming in respect to their registration percentage. 

The CNN poll surveyed sampled 781 likely voters with a +/- 4.3 margin of error.

If the CNN poll is accurate, Florida looks ready to maintain its status as a purple state with razor thin results.