Chinese spacecraft returned from the moon with a sample of 1.73 kg

(PTI) Beijing, Ta. Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Chinese space agency Chang E-P has returned after taking samples from the moon, the Chinese space agency said in an official statement. Analysis of 1,731 gram samples has been started.

The National Space Administration of China announced that the spacecraft Chang E-P has returned by obtaining a sample of 1731 grams from the lunar surface. Samples of soil and rock obtained from the lunar surface have been given to scientists. Scientists have started analyzing it.

China was the first to collect samples from the lunar surface. Earlier in 1976, the Russian spacecraft Luna-24 came with samples from the lunar surface. Chang E-Pa reached the lunar surface on the first date of this month.

The spacecraft traveled to the moon and collected samples. Pits up to two meters in surface were also dug for a diverse sample. Chang E-Pa is China’s third spacecraft to reach the lunar surface. China first started two missions to study the moon.

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