China’s rover landed on Mars became the second country in the world

‘Teenvon-1’ reaches the surface of Mars after nine minutes of hard work

The pre-program landing took more than an hour to set up due to a distance of 32 million km between Earth and Mars.

Beijing: After the successful landing of NASA’s rover, the US space agency has created history by successfully landing a spacecraft with a Chinese rover on the surface of the red planet.

The Tianwon-1 spacecraft with a rover named Zurong from China successfully landed on Mars after nine minutes of stressful nine minutes. With this, China has become the second country to land a rover on Mars after America.

The name of the god of fire is Zurong in Chinese mythology. From which the rover of Mars is also named. The six-wheeled rover is roughly the size of a small car and weighs 240 kilograms. Which is just a quarter of the weight of two American rovers on Mars.

China’s official Xinhua news agency said that the spacecraft, including the rover, had landed on Mars in an area known as its pre-determined Utopia Planetia. Notably, NASA’s 1976 Vikings to Lander traveled from this location.

The Zurong Rover has six scientific instruments. Who would search for life on Mars during a three-month mission. Currently the rover will be housed inside its lander and will begin operating on Mars after preliminary phase trials. The Tienwon-1 consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover. Which began its journey from Earth on 23 July 2020.

China’s National Space Administration said in a statement that the lander, including the rover, touched the surface of Mars at 7.18 am Beijing time on Saturday. It took more than an hour for the ground controllers to successfully install the pre-program landing.

After landing, ground controllers had to wait until the rover automatically opened its solar panel and antenna to send signals to Earth. This process was expected to be delayed by more than 17 minutes due to the distance of 320 million kilometers between Earth and Mars. Until now, only the United States has been able to maintain control long after the spacecraft landed on Mars.

Spacecraft from other countries broke down after reaching the surface of Mars in an attempt to land or lose contact with them. While China has managed to maintain contact even after the spacecraft landed on Mars. In this regard, Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, congratulated China on the success of the landing.

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