China’s grandfather refuses to withdraw troops from Hot Spring and Gogra region

New Delhi, 18 April 2021, Sunday

The border dispute between India and China has received little attention in the wake of the Corona riots, but the fact remains that tensions between the two countries are high.

Earlier, the two countries had agreed to withdraw their troops from the Pangog Lake area, but similarly, India’s efforts to withdraw troops from the Hot Spring and Gogra areas along the Line of Actual Control have not been successful.

It has been a year since the border dispute between India and China and the confrontation between the soldiers of the two countries. Meanwhile, it was revealed that China had again revealed its true nature in the recent meeting between the two countries. On 9 April, in a meeting between the top officials of the two armies, China told India that it should be happy with what it has achieved so far.

In other words, China had previously agreed to withdraw its troops at Hot Spring and Gogra Post, but has now gone back to China and refused to withdraw troops from here.

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