China’s coronavirus vaccine most dangerous

-Chinese Doctor created by Tao Leena

-Chinese government claims different

Beijing / New Delhi on Friday, January 8, 2021

A Chinese doctor, Tao Leena, has called the Corona vaccine made in China the world’s most dangerous vaccine. The Chinese government, however, claims that the Chinese vaccine was the most effective and safe.

The doctor claimed that Corona had side effects of the Chinese vaccine, not just one or two. The vaccine was developed by Cyanoform, a Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company. However, after being advertised by China, Drs. Tao was panicked by the risk he posed, because his vaccine was the best in the world, and he said that my statement was distorted by Western media.

He apologized to his countrymen and blamed his statement on Western media. On the eve of the Christian New Year, the Chinese Ministry of Health legally recognized the cyanoform company’s vaccine. It is worth remembering here that a Chinese doctor Li Wenliang told the whole world that the corona virus originated in Wuhan province of China. The doctor later died in a suspicious condition. Now Tao Lina considered the Chinese vaccine to be dangerous but later turned her life upside down.

The Chinese government considered its vaccine to be about 80 percent effective (79.34). China will begin vaccinating millions around the Chinese New Year in mid-February.

Meanwhile, Doctor Tao was indirectly warned not to talk to international media. Do not comment on the corona vaccine. Naturally Dr. Tao now had a lip CV. He may have been at risk of his life.

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