China plans to expand One Belt One Road project for Arctic

Beijing, Ta. Friday, March 5, 2021

China has started constructing therapy-therapy roads in the name of the Silk Road project. China has announced a five-year plan to dominate South Asia via Tibet. China has begun preparations to build a road to connect South Asia with Tibet.

China has announced plans to build a road connecting Tibet to the rest of South Asia. Under the One Belt One Road project, China has announced plans to build a road in Tibet as part of the 14th project. The state-run news agency said in a report that this year the Chinese government will provide funds to build an important road in Tibet and this road will prove to be very important for the Silk Road. The Silk Road was outlined for 2021-2025.

As part of that, China is trying to reach the Arctic. Ice is melting due to global warming in the Arctic. By building a polar silk route in it, China considers it to establish influence until then. On that pretext, China wants to deploy troops to the region in the future. On the pretext of protecting their ships, China wants to increase its influence around the world by setting up military bases along the Silk Road.

In 2013, China announced the Belt and Road Initiative. China announced the One Belt One Road project in the name of reviving the ancient Silk Route. China is making inroads around the world on the pretext that this road will be very favorable for trade.

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