China once again sent a fleet of its H-6K nuclear bombers, which arrived in Taiwan Exxon

Taipei, Saturday 23 January 2021

China has once again flown its 8H-6 nuclear bombers over Taiwan’s airspace, followed by Taiwan in Exxon, which has also fired missiles at Chinese bombers, raising fears that a Chinese fighter jet would take off from Taiwan’s airspace Have flown out. China is upset with the US ambassador’s visit to China, which has led to renewed tensions between the two countries.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said eight H-6 bombers and four fighter jets entered Taiwan’s airspace on Saturday, after which Taiwan launched eight missiles capable of carrying out nuclear strikes, including its H-6 and J-16 fighter jets. Posted. Has been calculated.

China often sends reconnaissance planes or H-6s to the Taiwan border, a new map provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense shows that anti-Y-8 submarines also tried to enter Taiwan’s location near Pratis Island However, all aircraft have flown far from mainland Taiwan.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, the Y-8 is the largest Chinese ship known for anti-submarine incursions, which monitors sea and underwater movements, although the United States has several submarines that can handle any submarine Can detect anti-Chinese aircraft. The submarine could not establish a combat system, even as a Chinese aircraft infiltrated Taiwan on Sunday morning.

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