China did not allow WHO team to discover corona roots

Geneva, D.V.

The World Health Organization (WHO) team was to visit China to investigate the origin of the corona. China has denied them entry. At the same time, China’s nefarious intentions have been exposed to the world. In addition, doubts have been raised that coronavirus was produced in a Chinese laboratory. US President Trump has repeatedly accused China of corona. Trump’s statement has received more support due to China’s behavior.

Trump also accused WHO Director General Tedros Corso of taking a softer stance on the issue. Meanwhile, after China’s decision today, Tedros was angry at China and criticized the attitude of the Chinese authorities. “Two of our members had already started the tour and the other members were to join later,” Tedros said. But China has not completed their visa process. We are in contact with the Chinese authorities to resolve this issue.

The World Health Organization is a United Nations health organization and works for a global purpose. This is a rare incident where a country has denied them entry. Corona, which started years ago, wants to visit the city of Wuhan and its laboratories, as well as other medical specialists around the world, besides the World Health Organization. Visas are issued immediately during such visits, but China has started to struggle.

China has banned itself from doing research on the corona, and whatever doctors or specialists try to talk about the corona have either disappeared or broken up on them. China said in a statement that the World Health Organization had “misunderstood” the allegations. We never asked the experts to send us there for research. China has defended that it has not yet determined its arrival date, so it is not a question of permission.

Following the outbreak of the virus, the 15-nation Health Organization passed a bill calling for action to find out the origin of the coronavirus. The spread of the corona slowed, so the operation was run, to which China poured cold water.


The new look of Korana has reached 21 countries

Britain has seen a change in the nature of coronovirus. Each virus changes nature over time. The corona has changed the shape a bit faster. Its new form is more deadly. The virus has so far reached 21 countries. The spread of the virus has forced the UK to enforce a lockdown, while other countries have had to limit air agreements with it.

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