Celebrities were missing in China even before Jack Ma

Many people who went against the Chinese government have gone missing. Or China has severely punished him. Property tycoon Ren Xikiang, who previously criticized Jinping, went missing. The businessman was advised by the government to fight Corona. He was later charged and sent to prison for 15 years. China has detained another billionaire, Xian Jianhua, since 2012. False charges of financial turmoil were filed against him.
After 2014, Jinping enacted a privacy law. As part of which he remembers it at some point. Film star Fan Bingbing and scientist Jiankui, who were editing in jeans, have also been missing for several days. Fan Bingbing was abandoned, but it continues to be weak. He posted on social media that he had made a mess. Jian Cui is reported to be under house arrest.
The former Interpol president had an argument with Jinping. Former Interpol chairman Hongwei Joe and his wife lived in France. He came to China last year. Then one day he did not reach home. Despite being the Chinese government’s Minister of Public Safety, there is no trace of him. The government is said to have lost them.

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