CCTV surveillance: Chennai ranks first in the world, 3 cameras per square kilometer!

Chennai, D.V.

The rate of installation of CCTV is continuously increasing. Therefore, now a large population of the world has come under surveillance. Chennai has the highest number of CCTV cameras per square kilometer. There are an average of 6 different types of CCTV cameras per square kilometer. While 4.5 CCTVs are installed among every thousand citizens.

Also the second place in the list is Hyderabad of India, which has 30 cameras per kilometer. It is followed by China’s Harbin (211 cameras), London (4) and Xiaomi (4). The study, published in the journal South Asia, surveyed the 150 most populous cities in the world. According to the report, the world’s first CCTV 12 was fitted in Germany. Today, around 1 billion CCTVs are installed worldwide.

The Chinese capital, Beijing ranks first in the number of cameras. There are 11 lakh cameras installed here. The list includes two cities of Gujarat, Surat and Ahmedabad. According to the report, the number of cameras in Ahmedabad is 21, while there are 4.5 cameras per square kilometer. The number of cameras in Surat is 2120, while there are 4.5 cameras per square kilometer. Of course, the number would have increased now that new cameras are being fitted continuously, but this report is for the year 2020.

In Delhi-Hyderabad-Chennai, the number of cameras is in millions. In comparison, the cities of Gujarat are far behind.

India and China have the highest number of cameras in the world, as the population density is high. Nowadays CCTV has become an easy tool for the police to solve crime. When a crime occurs, the first investigation is done on camera. Of course, even if we are there, the police cannot solve all crimes. Despite the technology, millions of cases remain unresolved in India due to inefficiency of the police.



Cities with the most CCTV

Here the number of cameras per square kilometer of the city and the population per thousand citizens is given. Apart from India-China, London is the only non-Asian city in the top ten.

City Camera (km) Camera (population)

Chennai ૬૫૭ 2.3

Hyderabad 30 30

Harbin 511 3.1

London ૩૯૯ 2.3

Xiamen. 8 20.8

Chengdu 20 3.2

Tuan 313 114.5

Delhi: 12.5

Cumming 31 2.3

Beijing ૨૭૮ 2.3



Cities listed in India

City Camera (km) Camera (population)

Chennai ૬૫૭ 2.3

Hyderabad 30 30

Delhi 3.2 14.15

Kolkata 3.2 0.2

Pune 3.15 1.31

Lucknow 20.8 3.2

Mumbai 12.5 0.3

Kochi 10.2 0.2

Appearance 3.2 0.2

Ahmedabad 3.2 0.2

Thrissur 3.15 0.05

Jaipur 3.06 0.2

Bangalore 1.2 0.11

Kozhikode 0.2 0.02


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