Canadian farmers advising India have turned against carbon tax

Ottawa, Ta. December 20, 2020 is a Sunday

The movement against the agricultural laws of the central government in India was supported by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, now only Canadian farmers have come out against their government and are protesting various demands related to agriculture. That is why Justin, who has given a statement on the issue of Indian farmers, is facing the anger of the farmers in his own country.

The Canadian government has increased its carbon tax, which has been opposed by organic farmers. The Canadian government has come up with a plan that claims that by 2050 pollution will be zero.

That is why the government has announced an increase in carbon prices by 15 Canadian dollars per year. This price increase will start from 2023 and by 2030 the price of carbon per ton will reach 170 170. The Canadian government has also raised the tax to Rs 20 per ton, which will be increased to 50 per ton in 2022.

The decision has sparked fury in Canada’s agricultural industry, with farmers claiming that increasing taxes on carbon will increase the burden on farmers, increase the cost of killing farm buildings, increase the cost of transporting agricultural products by rail And fertilizers and other agricultural products will increase. The cost of purchasing machinery will also increase.

Dissatisfied farmers are now planning to protest against the government of Canada, after which the Prime Minister of Canada was making statements about Indian farmers, who now have to convince dissatisfied farmers in their own country.

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