Britain may impose tougher restrictions on people: PM Barris Johnson

New Delhi date 03 January 2021, Sunday

British Prime Minister Boris Jones warned on Sunday that current restrictions could be tightened to prevent the spread of Corona. Because the country is struggling with a new strain of the corona virus. Teachers unions have called for the closure of schools across the country for several weeks due to the rapid spread of the new strain of the virus.

PM Jones said parents should send their children to schools in the area where they have been open since Monday because the risk of children from the dreaded virus is very low. Tighter restrictions may be imposed on the public next week. The number of people infected with the corona virus in the country has risen to 57,725 by the end of this week, while the total number of deaths has risen to around 75,000.

When asked about the lockdown, he said that the ban could be tightened. It could be that in the next few weeks we have to tighten things up. I agree completely. I believe the whole country agrees. We have to take very drastic measures. Schools are safe. Children are less at risk. There is little risk for employees. The benefits of education are enormous.

Under the current rules, strict category four measures are in place in most parts of the country with most commercial and non-commercial shops almost completely closed. The Government National Health Service is under great pressure due to the increasing number of hospitalized people. Our government has taken every appropriate step to prepare for the winter months.

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