Blackout in New York on Christmas Eve – affecting millions in some areas, more adverse effects

– Northeast lights after the storm

New York Saturday, December 26, 2020

More than a million people were blacked out in New York on Christmas morning following a storm in the northeastern United States.

West -chester, Rockland, Ulster, Orange and Duchess counties were the areas most affected, citing, as reported by the news agency Xinhua. Thousands of people from five regions had come to bear the brunt of the blackout on Friday morning. The situation was slightly better in New York City. More than 17,000 people were affected in New York’s Five Boroughs. Staten Island had more of a power cut. There were 3500 people who had to endure darkness. Many customers in Westchester and New York City have been calling on the power supply company Canad to start power supply soon. Conaid warned people to stay away from power lines. Winds blowing at 105 kilometers per hour also affected New Jersey. It rained there with stormy winds.

According to PowerOutage.US, about three and a half million people in the Northeast US suffered blackouts.

According to a statement released by the New York State Governor’s Office, the state administration deployed an initial rescue team. Soldiers provided adequate drinking water pumps, generators and blankets in addition to pillows for emergencies.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement that adequate arrangements were made to deal with any disaster. Soldiers were ready for any help to any citizen. “Celebrate Christmas wisely and avoid unnecessary travel,” he said.

Thus on Christmas Eve, a storm made New Yorkers realize an unexpected power cut. (The photo is symbolic.)

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