Biden’s attempt to reverse victory: Vice President’s role in counting is unconstitutional

Washington, December 30, 2020, Wednesday

Some people with ties to the Republican Party have filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to reverse US President-elect Biden’s victory. Penn’s role was called to declare Biden’s victory in the proposed January 6 session of Parliament. Eight Texas lawmakers, Louis Gohart, and 11 Arizona residents sued. Eleven of them were nominated by the Provincial Republican Party.

The petition challenged the 18 Electoral Count Act. This law formally determines the role of the Vice President in declaring the result. A federal judge in Texas has been asked to declare the case against Pence legally unconstitutional. However, election experts say that there is no merit in this case. The case will not last in court. Pence was called upon to grant the right to reverse Trump’s defeat, where the crisis was fought.

Election experts believe the case has no meaning. The case will not survive in any court. A professor at Ohio University, Edward Foley said the vice president does not have the authority to count the votes of a province. Biden and Trump’s votes will be finalized in the joint parliament. Pence will preside over the sixth sitting of Parliament in January. All electoral colleges cast their votes two weeks ago. At the time, Biden received 303 votes and Trump 6.

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