Biden Certificate of Victory Threatened in America

(PTI) Washington, Ta. 13 January 2021, Wednesday

The Indian-American lawmaker, Ruhi Khanna, said she was receiving death threats from US lawmakers, a victory certificate of Biden, who was elected the next president of the United States on 3 November. In an interview with a TV channel, Khanna said that lawmakers from both Democrats and Republicans were receiving threats from some quarters.

“People don’t realize that this threat is not against Republicans or Progressives, but against Democrats. Khanna told the TV channel,” I spoke to some of my colleagues, I don’t want to say with whom I did this. Did, but the fact is that you are receiving death threats. “

‘Those voting for certification receive death threats. “It’s a very scary situation for many people who serve and are far from partisan,” said the California Democrat, Khanna. In a joint session of Parliament on 6 January, Boyden as President and Kamalaharis as Vice President were awarded the Electrol College Certificate.

The objection raised by Republicans in the states of Pennsylvania and Arizona was approved by the Electoral College after its rejection by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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