As soon as he became president, Baden granted citizenship to five million Indians.

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Some of the most controversial decisions made by former President Donald Trump since he assumed office were overturned by US President Joe Biden, and that is exactly what happened. Just a few hours after he was sworn in as President of the United States, President Biden overturned Trump’s multiple orders a day before taking action. With this, Baden signed an executive order granting relief to immigrants, paving the way for granting citizenship to 11 million immigrants, including five million Indians. In addition, Biden was ordered to rejoin the Corona epidemic, Hu and the Paris climate change agreement.

Democrat leader Joe Biden has signed more than a dozen executive orders since taking oath of office as the ninth president of the United States, many of which overturned controversial decisions by former President Donald Trump. Biden said they would sign more executive orders in the coming days. As soon as he took office at the White House, Biden signed the first 100-day masking challenge order. Under the order, he asked Americans to wear masks for 100 days.

The signing of Biden’s immigration bill would benefit 11 million immigrants in the United States, including half a million Indians. As announced in the day’s first election manifesto, Biden has begun to change Trump’s controversial immigration policy. Biden’s policy would pave the way for granting US citizenship to 11 million unspecified people. Biden also slammed Trump’s immigration policy at election rallies.

In addition, the bill, called the American Citizenship Act, 2021, will modernize the American immigration system. Under the Bill, each country’s border for immigrants will be removed and a skills-based policy will be adopted. Under this, Indian IT professionals will not have to wait for decades to obtain permanent citizenship. According to the White House, the bill would eliminate the employment-based backlog and reduce the time it takes to obtain a visa.

With this, President Trump signed orders to re-include the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Paris Climate Agreement on the global fight against ‘global warming’. Former President Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement. The agreement aims to reduce carbon emissions by the 12 countries involved. The United States is the second largest carbon in the world after China. Donald Trump drove the United States away from the World Health Organization (WHO) during the Corona epidemic. But the day before Trump’s decision was overturned, Biden signed an order to rejoin the World Health Organization.

Important order from Biden on day one

Decisions to control the Corona epidemic, which required Bid to wear a mask for 100 days. The United States decided to resume the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Former President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization was also withheld. Trump also lifted restrictions on people from Muslim countries entering the US. Student loan installments were avoided until September, with the announcement of financial aid to the general public.

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