Analysis of COVID-19 on North America Acid Phosphates Market

North America Acid Phosphates Market Share

Outstanding De-foaming Performance of Anti-wear Phosphate-esters Drive Market Demand

Eco-friendly anti-wear lubricant additives are gaining the attention of manufacturers in the North America acid phosphates market. Hence, manufacturers are increasing their production capacities to develop sustainable phosphate-esters with excellent de-foaming attributes. For instance, global leader in advanced materials and specialty chemicals Solvay, has a rich product portfolio in acid phosphates such as their product Lubrhophos® LF800 that offers anti-wear performance and staining inhibition in metalworking formulations. As such, the revenue of lubricant additive application segment is projected to experience an uptick and the North America acid phosphates market is expected to be valued at ~US$ 256 Mn by the end of 2027.

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In order to bolster their credibility in the global landscape, manufacturers are developing non eco-toxic and readily biodegradable phosphate-esters with anti-corrosion attributes. These novel esters are pervasively replacing cetyl oleyl phosphate esters, owing to their outstanding emulsion stability and limited soap formation in hard water. Thus, good anti-wear and de-foaming performance have become the key focus points for companies in the market landscape.

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Prioritizing Investments in R&D Activities Leads to Sustainable Innovations in Lubricants

Since the revenue of lubricant additives is anticipated for exponential growth, companies in the North America acid phosphates market are increasing their R&D capabilities to introduce new ways of sustainable chemistry. For instance, the specialist in performance additives for lubricants, Italmatch Chemicals, is increasing its research activities in specialty chemicals to develop sustainable lubricants. Manufacturers are prioritizing their investment in R&D capabilities that cover all aspects of organic and inorganic synthesis. They are focusing on performance testing of new as well as existing lubricant products that are suitable for final applications.

A global and flexible manufacturing footprint has become one of the key success factors for companies in the North America acid phosphates market. Apart from Europe and Asia Pacific, companies are increasing efforts to produce diversified batch chemistries at different plants in the U.S. This explains why the revenue in terms of application is higher in the U.S. as compared to Canada in the market landscape.

Zinc Phosphating Overcomes Corrosion-related Issues in Mg Alloys in Automotive Applications

The North America acid phosphates market is expected to witness a robust growth of ~7% during the forecast period. Moreover, the paints & coatings application segment is expected to grow aggressively in the coming years. Hence, companies are tapping into value-grab opportunities in automotive applications.



The ever-evolving automotive industry has raised a demand for high-performance coatings for the surface protection of magnesium (Mg) alloys in automotive components. However, corrosion-related issues pose a challenge for manufacturers and the market. Hence, manufacturers in the North America acid phosphates market are innovating in non-chromate chemical conversion coatings such as phosphate and stannate coatings to achieve high levels of corrosion protection.

One of the widely used methods for pretreatment in automotive industries is zinc (Zn) phosphating, as this solution is acidic in nature, which helps to dissolve Mg parts on entering pretreatment baths. This novel solution is increasingly replacing chromium-based conversion coatings.

Innovations in Adhesion Promoters Lead to Development of Direct-to-Metal Coatings

Apart from lubricant additives and coatings, manufacturers in the North America acid phosphates market are exploring incrementing opportunities with drilling muds, since their revenue is anticipated to exponentially during the forecast period. As such, the market is estimated to reach an output of ~33,200 tons by the end of 2027. On the other hand, manufacturers in the North America acid phosphates market are increasing their production capacities to develop phosphate esters, as novel esters are also being used as adhesion promoters. For instance, Lubrizol— a key supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial and consumer markets, is involved with the development of  phosphate esters used as adhesion promoters for water-borne and solvent-borne coatings to ferrous metal, zinc alloys, and aluminum substrates.

Companies in the North America acid phosphates market are directing their investments toward corrosion inhibitor technologies that deploy corrosion protection to metal and zinc alloys. This has led to increased availability of direct-to-metal coatings and high-performance primer formulations.

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