American Vice President Kamala Harris threatened to kill her, nurse arrested

New Delhi, 18 April 2021, Sunday

A nurse who threatened to kill US Vice President Kamala Harris has been arrested.

Petit threatened to kill Harris between 13 February and 18 February for accused nurse Nivia. The nurse was arrested in Florida after an investigation by the US Secret Service. Kamala Harris was the first woman to be elected Vice President and a citizen of Indian origin.

Nurse Niva Petite sent a video to her husband via a computer application, which was captured. This type of video is allowed to send prisoners to join families. In the video, Nurse Petit used foul language in front of the camera against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Kamala Harris is going to die,” Petit said in the video. Now only your racking days are left. “I’m going to practice at the gun range today,” Petit told Niva in another video sent on February 18. I swear to God that you are about to die. Today is the day of preaching, remember my words.

The agent of the American Secret Service, who manages Kamala Harris’ security, then goes to interrogate the nurse. He was arrested after questioning. The nurse admitted that she was angry that Kamala Harris had become president.

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