American Red Crescent sent nuclear bombers to Taiwan for the second consecutive day

Taipei, Washington, d. a

China, which is in constant conflict with its neighbors, has once again stepped up its conflict with Taiwan. China has tried to intimidate it by sending nuclear-armed combat aircraft to Taiwan for two consecutive days. However, the United States, which has sided with Taiwan, immediately challenged China by sinking its warships in the South China Sea.

Enraged by the US ambassador’s visit to Taiwan, China on Saturday sent its nuclear-weapon aircraft to Taiwan’s airspace. The planes include eight H-4 nuclear bombers and four J-17 fighter jets. The next day, China dispatched 17 fighter jets, including Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft and two Sukhoi-20 fighters. However, in retaliation, Taiwan switched its missiles on the Chinese aircraft, as did the Taiwanese Air Force aircraft that pursued the Chinese planes. However, Chinese planes flew through Taiwan’s airspace.

Attempting to intimidate Taiwan by sending planes equipped with atomic bombs, new US President Joe Biden has taken a tough line like Trump, allowing China not to offend Taiwan and attacking China on a warship in the South China Sea Warns to challenge directly. The US Navy said on Sunday that a group of aircraft carriers, led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt, have entered the South China Sea for independent transport of ships. The US has expressed concern about Chinese military pressure on Taiwan, saying such a threat is a threat to regional peace and stability.

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