Alibaba founder Jack Ma missing for two months: likely to go missing by Chinese government

Beijing, Ta. 4
According to media reports, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and a leading Chinese businessman, has been missing for the last two months. Jack Ma is believed to have disappeared by the Chinese government. Jack Mai publicly rejected China’s economic policy a few months ago.
Alibaba founder Jack Ma last appeared at a public event two months ago. Since then no attendance has been recorded. Rumors are circulating that the Chinese government has made Jack Ma disappear. Media reports have claimed that the Chinese government has put Jack Ma under house arrest, or he may have been kept in secret. No public attendance has been reported for the past two months.
Jack Ma was at loggerheads with Chinese President Xi Jinping. A few months ago in Shanghai, Jack Ma gave a speech in which he indirectly criticized the economic policy of the Chinese government. Jack Mae said that the finance department officials and state-owned banks are paying interest to the industry. He also called for efforts to change the system in the industry. After the speech, Jinping erupted and the ruling Communist Party increased the pressure on Jack Ma from all sides.
Last November, a $ 2 billion IPO of its subsidiary of Alibaba was canceled at Jinping’s behest. This was a huge financial setback for Jack Ma. Chinese government officials sent notice to Jack Ma that he would not leave the country until various lawsuits against companies, including Alibaba, were settled. Jack Ma has not appeared publicly since.
Jack Ma was very active on Twitter, but for a long time there was not a single tweet from his account.

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