Afghanistan captures Chinese spy network

Warning for China – Otherwise apologize immediately …

-China is becoming more open

Kabul Dt. 25 December 2020 Friday

The Afghan government has openly warned China that if you do not apologize, we will have to take drastic decisions on our relationship with you.

Police in Kabul have captured a Chinese spy network in the Afghan capital. This was a warning in that regard.

According to reliable sources, the espionage network was captured by the National Security Directorate of Afghanistan. All those arrested were men of China’s intelligence agency. Two of them were in contact with the Haqqani network, a terrorist organization. The Haqqani network is considered the most brutal ally of the Taliban.

Police raided several locations in Kabul and seized a Chinese spy network. Ten people were also arrested in this connection. China pressured Afghan government officials to suppress the issue after the incident, but Afghan government officials refused to do anything under Chinese pressure.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani handed over the incident to Vice President Amarullah Saleh after he caught a spy network. Amarullah Saleh was the head of the Afghan Intelligence Agency. It is said that such sensitive issues can be investigated thoroughly.

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