Adam Putnam - Immigration
From Putnam commercial

Republican candidate for Governor Adam Putnam’s Home Grown committee has released a new TV commercial on a hot button item – immigration. His opponent for the Republican nomination, Congressman Ron DeSantis has labeled Agriculture Commissioner Putnam as “Amnesty Adam” creating one of the wedge issues between the two.

In the new commercial, Putnam says “there are many reasons to be mad about illegal immigration.” ┬áHe then describes how Florida taxpayers pay $100 million a year to keep criminal illegals in jails and prisons across Florida. Putnam touts his support for President Trump’s plan to secure the nation’s borders. The commercial shows Putnam with law enforcement officers. He’s gained the support of most of the state’s law enforcement community – police chiefs, rank and file police officers and 45 Florida sheriffs.

DeSantis has attacked Putnam as being weak on illegal immigration and on the campaign trail accused Putnam of blocking state legislative efforts to require private employers to use E-Verify before hiring workers.

Polling shows that Republican voters consider immigration to be one of the top issues this election year. Recent polling shows Putnam leading the GOP race but one poll released later Friday showed DeSantis with a lead.