Putnam wins backing from law enforcement
Photo from Putnam campaign

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, Republican candidate for Governor, says he has a plan to fight crime in Florida.

Surrounded by law enforcement officers in Tampa, Putnam announced a six-part agenda aimed at protecting Florida’s current 47-year low crime rate.

It includes stiffer penalties for people who commit violent crimes, mandatory sentences for drug traffickers, working with the federal government to deport people in the country illegally, and fighting the out-of-control opioid epidemic.

“If we’re going to keep Florida’s crime rate at a 47-year low, then we can’t backtrack,” Commissioner Putnam said. “What we’re seeing unfortunately on the left is an attempt to roll back many of the very policies that made that 47-year low in the crime rate possible.”

Other parts of Putnam’s proposal include:

  • More¬†money for training law enforcement officers,
  • Improve state crime labs,
  • Create a drug czar to combat opioid-deaths,
  • Increase mental health services for students and
  • Work with faith-based organizations to improve child welfare systems and stop human trafficking.