Governor Rick Scott’s campaign for the U.S. Senate has released its newest ad hitting Senator Bill Nelson’s partisan votes. It also touches on Nelson’s flip-flop on a judicial nominee he had recommended to the White House and then, facing Democratic pressure, opposed the nominee.

Script for the new ad:

Watch above and see the full script here:

Bill Nelson wants you to think he’s independent…

But the numbers tell a different story.

Nelson votes with Democrats over 90 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Study, Accessed 5/15/18)

He voted with Obama to cut billions from Medicare. (S. Amdt. 2942 To S. Amdt. 2786 To H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #368: Amendment Rejected 43-56, 12/7/09, Nelson Voted Nay)

(Sarah Kliff, “Romney’s Right: Obamacare Cuts Medicare By $716 Billion. Here’s How.” The Washington Post, 8/14/13)

 And he voted with Democrats against the tax reform that has brought jobs to Florida.(Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, Final Passage, Passed 14-12, 11/16/17, Nelson Voted Nay; H.R. 1, Roll Call Vote #323: Passed 51-48, 12/20/17, Nelson Voted Nay)

He even voted against a judge he recommended to please Chuck Schumer…(Gary Fineout, Florida Sen. Nelson will vote against judge he backed, Associated Press, 06/15/18)

Bill Nelson isn’t fighting for Florida… Bill Nelson is only fighting for the Democrats.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Paid for by Rick Scott for Florida. Approved by Rick Scott.

The ad, based on it’s length, appears to be for digital platforms only.