Governor Rick Scott is out with a new digital ad hitting Senator Bill Nelson for his partisan votes on judges during his 3-terms in the United States Senate.

“Bill Nelson’s voting history shows that he puts partisan politics before Floridians, even when it comes to something as important as judicial nominations,” said Lauren Schenone, Scott Campaign spokesperson. “Bill Nelson didn’t vote against a single one of Obama’s judicial nominees, but he obeyed party leaders in voting against Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and decided to vote against a Florida judicial appointee he personally recommended once Chuck Schumer told him to. That’s because Bill Nelson isn’t in Washington to be a leader for Florida – he’s in Washington to be a rubber stamp for democrats.”


President Obama nominated more than 300 judges…

And Nelson voted the party line every time.

Senator Nelson did not vote against a single one.

Nelson is a complete party line politician.

Nelson is a rubber stamp for party leaders.

Nelson obeyed party leaders…

And voted against Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.

Bill Nelson: Political Party First. Florida Last.