Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi – a confident of President Donald Trump – is stepping up for Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in his campaign for Governor. In a new television commercial from the Putnam campaign, Bondi says she’s joining law enforcement in backing Putnam.

“I fought hard to elect President Trump and I’m supporting Adam Putnam for Governor,” Attorney General Bondi says in the 30-second campaign ad which will appear on cable and broadcast TV beginning Saturday. “Adam Putnam is the conservative who will keep your family safe and that’s why Florida law enforcement is standing with him. Join us in supporting Adam Putnam,” Bondi continues.

The commercial highlights a distinct difference between Putnam and his Republican opponent Congressman Ron DeSantis. Putnam is almost universally supported by law enforcement and first responder organizations across the state. That includes the most recent endorsement Thursday by the Florida Police Chiefs Association.

Bondi announced her endorsement of Putnam last week.

The new commercial comes at a critical time for Putnam’s campaign for governor. Since joining the race, Putnam has been the frontrunner to replace outgoing Governor Rick Scott. After President Trump announced his endorsement of Congressman DeSantis, polls indicate Republicans now favor DeSantis over Putnam. The latest poll, released Wednesday by Florida Atlantic University, shows DeSantis with a nine point lead over Putnam. Other polls indicate DeSantis’ lead is in the double-digits.

With absentee ballots mailed this week in advance of the August 28 primary, the Bondi ad is a critical boost to Putnam’s campaign. Polling often shows Attorney General Bondi is one of the most popular Republicans in the state. The most popular Republican is President Trump. His approval rating among Florida Republicans hovers in the mid 80’s. That popularity will be on display next Tuesday when the President comes to Tampa to campaign for DeSantis.



David Bishop is a native Floridian, husband and father. During his 30 year career, David has been a journalist, political operative and communications consultant.