Ad Watch: Governor Scott ties education success to Florida’s economic growth

Governor Rick Scott is out with a new campaign commercial tying Florida’s economic growth to gains made in education during the past eight years. Scott’s new ad comes days after his opponent, incumbent Senator Bill Nelson accused him of failing Florida’s students based on per pupil sending.

In the ad – titled “First” – Scott says Florida is able to invest more in education because of the state’s economy, which has the lowest jobless rate in more than a decade.

The commercial touts real successes for Florida students.

Florida leads other states in:

4th grade reading and math scores;

8th grade reading;

and High school advanced placement classes

The Governor also mentions this year Florida has the highest education funding ever. That’s true when raw total education spending is calculated. Some of the funding goes to funded state mandates, like the new security measures at all schools. Independent fact-checker Politifact took a narrower view when rating Scott’s claim half-true.