Ron DeSantis TV ad
From DeSantis TV ad

Six months after officially getting into the Republican race for governor, Congressman Ron DeSantis is out with his first TV ad.

In the fast-moving ad DeSantis bills himself as a military veteran, swamping-draining, pro-life, tough on immigration, tax-cutting candidate who’s backing “by the big man himself” – President Trump.

DeSantis will spend $12 million on his initial television commercial.

The Trump endorsement on Friday, matched with a Fox News poll showing DeSantis losing to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam seemed to ignite his campaign. During a campaign appearance Saturday in Ponte Vedra, DeSantis showed this will be a gloves-off battle for the Republican nomination. DeSantis called Putnam a career politician, who’s been in office since he was 22 years old; and someone of privilege who’s never had a job outside of politics.

This is a big week for both DeSantis and Putnam. The two will appear at a Thursday night Republican Party of Florida debate that will air live on Fox News, a channel where DeSantis is a frequent guest.